The Vault Escape Room Door Ajar

The Vault

From: $78.00 inc GST

Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Hard

You and your crew have paid a large amount of money to receive the tracking information of the largest private collection of diamonds in the world. 

Your crew have been preparing to take the diamonds while they were being transported in the armored truck, but at the last minute, the security team switched the plans. The diamonds are now located in the Vault, the most secure Vault that has ever been built.

You have almost no intel of the layout of the Vault, all that you and your crew have managed to discover, is that there is a one hour window before the diamonds are taken to be put on display, and where there will be even more security.

You have exactly one hour to Escape the Vault with the diamonds…


“The Vault is an awesome room! Some really fun and well thought out puzzles! Will definitely be back to try some other rooms.”

Monique Kane – Google Review