Survive Mars Escape Room Melbourne


From: $78.00 inc GST

Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Medium

Silence… In the movies they don’t mention that in space there is no sound. The deafening silence of all the machines turning off at once made us freeze. We knew immediately that we were in trouble…

Your commander in chief, Major Tom has been restrained. The medical officer has informed you that he has contracted some kind of Martian virus.

The last three days his condition has worsened. He started off doodling funny shapes, and forgetting our names, small things really. But now he has doomed us all. Driven mad by this alien virus, our commander is trying to kill us, and he may just succeed.

The only light now is the red warning light telling us that the oxygenator has been disabled. We must enter the maintenance annex outside the facility and fix this in order to save ourselves…. The annex is a temporary structure with only 1 hour’s worth of oxygen.

We must survive.


“Had never done an escape room prior to this. They made it a great experience, the staff were great and we can’t wait to return and try the more difficult ones :D”

Jimmy Wong – Google Review